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Voters stranded as ELECAM officials are chased out of polling station by bailiffs

Voters in Limbe I Sub-division, South West Region have remained stranded at the CBC polling Centre as ELECAM officials are told to quit the premise.

The National Times has learnt that CBC authority has served ELECAM with bailiffs to remove the polling station from their premise.

The polling station was supposed to be at Limbe I Community Hall, but it was later relocated to CBC school premise due to security reasons.

When the CBC authority heard the news of the relocation of polling station to their school premise, they quickly reacted by serving ELECAM with bailiffs, requesting ELECAM to vacate the premise.

Few voters who have turned out feel frustrated, and as ELECAM was currently looking for an alternative building to host the polling station, most of them left without voting.

Meanwhile, a protracted gun battle has been on-going at Mile 4 neighbourhood, Limbe.

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