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Military officers rescue accident victims after taxi collided with armoured car

Elements of Cameroon’s military in Kumba, Southwest Region have rescued passengers of a cab, after it collided with an armoured car under unclear circumstances in the early hours of Friday, October 12, 2018.

The taxi collided with the armoured car on the main road axis in front of the Kumba-Buea Road Gendarmerie Office.

Military stationed

Eye witnesses told The National Times that the cab on high speed collided with the military vehicle, when the armoured car had left the gendarme office and was trying to negotiate a left lane on the Dual Carriage Way. Within minutes, the front rear of the mini cab was seriously damaged.

Though none of the passengers in the taxi died in the incident, security offices responded instantly to rescue the passengers on board the taxi.

Shortly after the security intervention, the damaged car was removed from the road. Traffic which was halted resumed immediately.

Today’s incident is the third in Kumba involving township taxis and military armoured cars. In the first of such incidents was on the ‘Kumba-Water’ Bridge, two taxis were damaged beyond repairs. Scores of passengers who suffered injuries were rushed to hospital.

About a week after, a similar incident happened. Unlike today’s accident wherein soldiers came to help the victims, such actions were absent in the other accidents.

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