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Germany should use force if needed to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Anglophone Cameroon: says German Parliamentarian

A member of German centrist Free Democratic Party, Christoph Hoffman, has called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to address the ongoing crisis and abuses in the Anglophone region of Cameroon, including if necessary, taking military action against the Cameroonian government.

Standing before German lawmakers in the Bundestag on a day earmarked for EU and immigration, Christoph Hoffman, began his 45- minutes speech by highlighting the duration of the ongoing Anglophone conflict, and the Cameroonian government inability to address the conflict, while using excessive force.

Dr Christoph Hoffman, Member of the German Bundestag, Free Democratic Party

“…it has been two years since the crisis in the anglophone part of Cameroon, a crisis that has now transformed into a civil war…children are shot, old people burned in their homes and thousands have become refugees…we are heading towards a real humanitarian catastrophe”…Germany “cannot continue to act as if this doesn’t affect us,” he continued.

“…it is absolute that the international community provide for a transitional phase after these elections that will allow for national reconciliation and a possible withdrawal of the president…Mr Maas, Mrs Merkel, it is time to take your responsibilities and manage this crisis before it is too late and indeed it is in the interest of Germany because it wouldn’t be necessary to use our tax money for emergency humanitarian aid there” Mr Hoffman added.

Cameroon, a former German colony was partitioned between British and French in 1916. French Cameroon gained independence in 1960 while British Cameroonians voted to unify with their French brothers in 1961. However, Anglophones have continued to decry marginalisation of Anglophone in public institutions, including but not limited use of French only in security agencies, and until recently, no Anglophone had been appointed to head an important ministerial position such as Ministry of Defence, Finance, or Economy.

Further actions by the current government to harmonize the country’s legal system, including appointing French judges to English courts led protest in 2016 which has turned into a full-blown civil war.

Hoffman’s motion for military intervention in Cameroon was turned down by members of the Christian Democratic Union. The motion was aimed to help address the humanitarian crisis in Cameroon, so as to prevent any future displacement and migration in to Europe.

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