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Plastic Rice Rumour Mongers In Legal Hot Waters With Food Company, Despite Gov’t Intervention

Cameroon (National Times)-The African Food Distribution (AFD) Company has initiated legal action against certain personalities for propagation of false information even as the Government of Cameroon has cleared the controversy over its alleged importation of plastic rice into the local market.

After a crisis meeting over the plastic rice controversy recently, Cameroon’s Trade Minister, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, told the press that there was no such rice in circulation on the local market.

The Minister, however said, the Government remains vigilant to protect its citizens.

While the Government is laying the matter to rest, the concerned company seems determined to see the rule of law. It has initiated legal action at a court in Douala suing politician, Jean Marc Ngoss, and the President of the Cameroon Consumers League (CCL) Delor Mangellan Kamseu.

The AFD is accusing the duo of spreading false information that is injurious to its business interest in Cameroon. It is unclear for now the stakes involved, but given the panic across the market which the plastic rice controversy has provoked, the claims could be huge.

Jean Marc Ngoss is among those who made viral social media videos raising an alarm over the circulation of plastic rice on the local market.

Delor on his part falls into the category of those who entered the alarm fray triggering a Government investigation into the claims. The LCC President has been vocal in the last couple of years in defending consumers’ rights.

The brands of rice Amanti and Broli are the two that were said to be having a mix of plastic in circulation.

This provoked fear of potential health threats on the population. Cameroon as a country relies heavily on imported rice. The country spends over FCFA 110 billion annually to import rice to meet up with local demand


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