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Constitutional Council Member Dies 3 Months After Declaring Biya President

Yaoundé (National Times)-One of Cameroon’s top Judges and member of the Constitutional Council which declared Paul Biya winner of the October 7 Presidential election has died in a Swiss hospital in Geneva.

Jean Akame Foumane was pronounced dead on Sunday, January 13, following an illness which took him to the hospital facilities in the Swiss Alpes.

Sources closed to the deceased say he was evacuated few days ago after his condition deteriorated to Geneva with the help of a flying ambulance, but before adequate treatment could commence, he gave up the ghost.

Jean Foumane Akame was part of the 10 man Constitutional Council team which declared Paul Biya winner of the October 7 Presidential election despite gross irregularities which thwarted the smooth functioning of the entire electoral process.

Before being appointed member of the Council, he was a staunched CPDM elite and Board Chairman of the Yaoundé 2 University, a post he held cumulative with the seat at the Council. Born on August 31, 1937 in the village of Ndonkol in the South Region, he studied Public Law and later on moved to the National School of Administration and Magistracy where he graduated as a trained Magistrate and integrated into the public service in 1966, few years after independence.

He grew through the ranks of the profession to become a Super Scale Magistrate and held several positions of responsibilities including Secretary General at the Ministry of Justice.

Being of the same Region with Paul Biya and of the same age range, he entrusted him with the post of Minister of Territorial Administration before and during the failed April 6, 1984 coup d’état.

In 1986, Paul Biya brought him closer and made him his Adviser on judicial affairs and Foumane Akame was very instrumental in the launching of the famous Operation Sparrow Hawk which has led to the imprisonment of several ex-Ministers including former Prime Minister, Ephraim Inoni.

In February 2018, Paul Biya appointed him member of the Constitutional Council, being the pioneer batch since the institution was created.

Their first real mission was the judicial battle emanating from the October 7 election and thereafter publication of the results which saw candidate Biya declared winner.


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