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Cameroon’s 2018/2019 Football Seasons To Run Only For 4 Months

Yaoundé (National Times)-The 2018/2019 Professional Football League season in Cameroon would run only for four months.

This information was disclosed by the President of the League’s Board.

Speaking to reporters last Friday, General Pierre Semengue said the Elite One championship would be launched on January 26, while the Elite Two would follow on January 30.

Without giving a precise calendar for the season, the Military General turned football manager disclosed that the season would end before the start of the African Football Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2019.

Given that opening matches for AFCON would be played on June 15, Semengue noted that they have to respect CAF’s regulation by ending the local championship before the launch of the continental competition.

He therefore stated that his institution would make sure the league season ends in May or latest early June. Players would be coming back to the field of play since they hung their boots in July 2018.

With the 2018/2019 season being launched at the end of January running through May/June, footballers involved in the Cameroonian Professional Football league would have only four months of intense activity out of 12.

Because of this lateness in the start, Elite One clubs would play in two groups of eight teams each and elite two would play in two groups of seven and eight teams each.

Sports analysts have noted that this would be a suicide mission for Cameroon football given the fact that most players would be inactive for too long and unable to perform well.

While in countries like Ghana and Nigeria players are active for about nine months in a year, those of Cameroon mostly spent the season holidaying. This explains why teams from Cameroon are unable to grab any comfortable place in any continental championship.

On Sunday, 2017/2018 Champions of Cameroon, Cotton Sport loss to Ghanaian side, Hearts of Oaks on home soil by 2 goals to 3 which accounted for the early exit of the Cotton weavers from the CAF Championship.

In recent times, Cameroon’s football has been marked by problems and the lack of funding. With the heavy hand of politician on the juicy sporting discipline, most sponsors are afraid to invest in the beautiful game.

This explains why even though “professional,” it is still organised in a rudimentary style.


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