Gunmen Set Home of Fundong Mayor Ablaze

Bamenda (National Times)-A storey building  in Fundong, Boyo Division, North West  Region of Cameroon belonging to Denis Dang Awoh mayor of the Fundong municipality went up in flames early Wednesday April 24, under circumstances linked to mannerisms of separatists fighters.

Reports hold that, a group of gunmen set the building ablaze in the wake of allegations that, security forces set two homes in the locality on fire in the face of clashes with suspected separatists’ agents.

Anger  over the action has left admirers of the mayor  questioning the reason for setting his home ablaze when he has ‘nothing’ to do with the allegations under dispute.Dang is also Inspector General at Cameroon’s ministry of public works.

Today’s incident it not new  within the context of the Anglophone crisis. Weeks back, it was the home of deceased CPDMe elite, Cyprian Chou that went up in flames in Wum, Menchum Division. Chou is yet to be buried but anonymous audio messages attributed to separatists’ have been in circulation prohibiting the interment of the corpse in his native land. The authors claim Chou did not support the separatists while alive. His is due to be buried in May the national Times  has learnt.

Dozens of high profile officials within the Biya regime have been victims of property and other possessions set ablaze by unknown gunmen. Awoh’s is about the second mayor who’s home has been set ablaze after that of another of his peer in one of the councils in Lebialem Division in the last quarter of 2018.

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