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After Senate Outburst, Nfon Mukete Promotes Living Together In Nkongsamba

Nkongsamba (National Times)-Cameroon’s revered traditional ruler Senator Nfon V. E Mukete showed up at the Moungo Festival, in Nkongsamba, Moungo Division, Littoral Region of Cameroon Thursday April 18th to celebrate culture exactly fourteen days after he took the senate spellbound  emitting declarations castigating issues  affecting Anglophones within the polity.

The Bafaw Patriarch, King of Kumba in the South West Region and paramount ruler of the Bafaw people was at the head of other traditional rulers who answered present at the ‘FESTIM2019’.

Supporters of Cameroon’s unity claim the presence  of the traditional ruler of historical  importance at the ceremony speaks well of a country  enhancing its living together despite challenges.

Traditional rulers from other parts of Cameroon also answered present at the ceremony. Mukete’s presence at the cultural fiesta was greeted with extra honour given his stature, age and contribution to Cameroon’s reunification.

On Friday April 4th, senator Mukete left Cameroonians awestruck as he called on the powers that be to end the crisis in the North West and South West Regions and end the killings across communities. Then he asserted that, ‘someone used a gun and shot the English language’. He urged the government to put in place 10 autonomous states to give more powers to local communities.

Then Mukete reassured that, he loves to see a united Cameroon but maintained that, errors must be corrected  for the nation to forge ahead.

The festival of the Mougo people in its first edition also witnessed the presence of Cameroon’s Prime Minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute. The presence of the head of Government also attracted the participation of a host of cabinet ministers at the event.

Le Jean Mbella Mbella, president of the organising committee of the festival  observed that, the people of the Moungo Division share a common history  with the people of the North West ,South West Regions  and the Sawa people of Cameroon. Mbella is currently Cameroon’s External  Relations minister.

Kollo Basile, Government Delegate to the  Nkongsamba City Council  asked participants to ponder for the  people of the neighbouring communities going through difficult times.

The traditional rulers of the area offered a gift to their peer and Prime Minister Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute symbolising authority.


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