Weekly Journal Editorial Board

Editorial Mission

The editorial board of our magazine constitutes of diverse analysts. Both financial journalists and people with operating experience on the markets and stock exchanges.

With such a combined experience and skills, our magazine always provides best unbiased material for businessmen worldwide.

Our Team

Andrew Lane


Andrew has a long involvement in financial markets. After receiving his Harvard degree in economics, he was working at NYSE as a broker for 23 years. Than he decided to found his own business news magazine. He wants to keep fellow colleagues constantly updated on the economics ups and downs volatility.

Theresa Stevens

News Editor

heresa has been a Senior Editor for Wall Street Journal, before she joined our news agency. WIth an MBA and deep knowledge of the markets, she is the biggest conrtributor to our financial op-eds and articles.

Theresa Stevens

News Editor

After Goldman Sachs, Jack worked for Bloomberg publishing house. But as soon as we contacted him, this brilliant young journalist joined our team.

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