Suspected ‘Ambazonia Red Dragons’ Multiply Kidnappings In West Region

Dschang(National Times)-A Tepid  atmosphere  continues to lurk across Fongo Tongo Sub Division, Menoua Division, West Region of Cameroon as gunmen suspected to be agents of the separatists’ red dragon armed group continues to kidnap  more  people in exchange food and ransoms.

On Saturday April 20th,  five women abducted on the farm emerged from the unknown after three days in the hands of gunmen. The women were kidnapped as they went farming.  It is unclear if relatives paid ransoms for the kidnappers to regain their loved ones.

Earlier on April 7th, some 6 children had earlier been abducted under circumstances linked to the separatists gunmen. The children spent days in the unknown. They were only freed after a series of long and difficult negotiations. The discussions first collapsed after  the gunmen  demanded a ransom of FCFA 10 million for the children’s release.

These recent abductions have increased pressure on the local population. Many families in the locality now leave in fear given the recurrent separatists’ incursions.

In its Monday April 22nd publication, French Language daily newspaper ‘Le Jour’ quotes the Legion commander of the West Region  Jams Minlo Mbang has having invited the population  especially victims of the suspected separatists’ acts to denounce the authors.

Fongo Tongo on the border with lebialem Division in the South West Region  has witnessed  repeated attacks from gunmen  suspected to be members of the red dragons. There have been regular security raids across the locality but the suspected separatists’ are yet to back off.

In the face of the accusations on the armed separatists’, the red dragons known for usually disputing such reports has remained mute.

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