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Protesters Kick Out Al-Bashir’s Successor In Sudan After Coup

Khartoum (National Times)-It is Sundown for the head of Sudan’s Military Transitional  Council  General Mohamed  Ahmed  Awad IBN Auf. He has stepped down just a day after  he headed a military  takeover of the  government  of former president  Omar Hassan Al-Bashir.

General Awad  issued a statement on  Sudan’s state Television moments  ago stating that he was stepping down as leader of the transitional council. Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Burhman will succeed Awad.

The surprise announcement follows unending protests that have  remained alive across the nation despite the deposition and arrest of the former leader on Thursday.

Protesters are clamouring for the institution of a civilian transitional government. Critics accuse the members of the military heading the transition as being allies of former president Bashir.

Awad is a longtime strongman of the Bshir regime. He has occupied key positions in the government. Before the coup of Thursday, he was the Vice President and at the same time Defense Minister. He was incharge of military intelligence during the Dafur  crisis.

It is not certain if the protest will elapse given that, Awad’s successor is another military strongman. The country of over 42 million people is facing a storm which erupted on December 19, 2018 over a hike in the price of bread.

How Sudan negotiates its way out of the end of the 30 year Bashir rule is what  the  world is watching at with keen attention.



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