Bishops Castigate Biya Over Refusal To Grant Audience, Lingering Crises In Cameroon

Yaounde (National Times)-Roman Catholic Bishops of Cameroon have castigated President Paul Biya for failing to gran their request to meet with him and the neglect of  proposals to solve the Anglophone conflict.

Meeting in Yaoundé at the 44th session of the National Episcopal Conference (NEC) recently, the Bishops said had Paul Biya listen to their advice, the war ravaging the two Anglophone regions would have been avoided.

They regretted the fact that even after writing to the President proposing solutions to the conflict when it just started none of their recommendations were taking seriously.

Speaking through the outgoing President of NEC, Archbishop Samuel Kleda, they Bishops stated that they have made several request to meet with Paul Biya but all their requests have been rejected. They argued that the President has closed his ears to all pieces of advice leaving the war to tear the country apart.

The NEC meeting which started on Wednesday would also see the election of a new President of at the helm of the body. Kleda’s mande expires after a two term mandate of  six years in office.

Their confab is also focusing on the mysterious death of their colleague, Bishop Benoit Balla of Bafia Diocese whose body was found lying lifeless in the Sanaga River two years ago. The Bishop say they would fight till the end until the truth is revealed. However, they maintained that their colleague and brother did not die naturally.

In one of the letters of the Bishops of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province, they detailed historical errors of the past which landed the country into the mess of today. They proposed solutions arguing that dialogue is more efficient and less costly.

However, more than two years after, such recommendations have never been implemented and the Bishops have never met Paul Biya even though a Roman Catholic Christian and former Seminarian.

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