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Kamto Mocks Biya’s Tweeting Spree From Kondengui

Yaoundé (National Times)-Jailed opposition leader, Maurice Kamto, has made a mockery of President Paul Biya’s recent rising spirit of national unity tweets.

Kamto made the comments in his third letter since his detention.

“I have learned from the media that Mr Biya has become a social media buff, with forceful tweets to Cameroonians[…],” the former Minister Delegate in the Ministry of Justice wrote adding that “I know you are shocked by this sudden impetus from a man who has built his power on the disrespect for Cameroonians, and a striking lack of interest in the wonders of his country where he has never spent his holidays,  preferring Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva and the gentleness of the shores of Lake Lema.”

“I would love to show him around many other places in this country, which he certainly doesn’t master, after visiting less than 10 of the 58 Divisions in Cameroon after 37 years in office,” Kamto pointed out.

The National Chairman of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party also reiterated his claim that he won the 2018 Presidential election.

He reassured his supporters of his firm commitment to carry the “struggle for democracy” to the end.

“While I urge you to expand the struggle, I assure you of my determination to lead the battle for freedom, democracy and the restoration of the dignity of Cameroonians, inclusive development and the pride of our country,” he stated.

Kamto also reminds the Biya regime that the prison cannot solve all problems, adding that you cannot imprison the spirit or a struggle.

He also saluted the recent show of concern in the current crisis in Cameroon by the international community.

This comes at a time when Biya has taken to twitter to send messages of national unity in the wake of growing pressure from the outside world to solve the current unrest in Cameroon.

Kamto and about 200 supporters have been in detention for several months now for protesting the outcome of the 2018 Presidential election that saw 86-year-old Biya claim another controversial landslide victory.



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