Dossier: Cameroon’s Prisons; Retirement Homes For Gov’t VIPs

Cameroon (National Times)-Even though it is expected of former statesmen to spend their retirement and last days on earth in the comfort of their family abode, relishing the vestiges of wealth acquired throughout their sojourn in top offices in the Government, those in Cameroon are gradually spending their last days in the inner hovels of penitentiary and VIP detention centres.


Minister ‘Decrees’ Free Treatment For HIV/AIDS Patients In Cameroon Beginning 2020

A Researcher at the Chantal Biya International Reference Centre told The National Times on condition of anonymity for lack of authorisation to speak to the press that, “the decision would greatly improve the lives of the patients”.
The Researcher explained that in the past, HIV-AIDS test was only free for children below 5 years and pregnant women. Moreover, the CD4 and viral charge were also payable and very expensive in some health units which ensured that many patients died because they could not be followed up.


Canadian Lawyers Slam Biya Regime, Demand Freedom For Mancho Bibixy

The body holds that, Mancho Bibixy was arrested and charged with “acts of terrorism,” “secession,” “propagation of false information,” “revolution,” insurrection,” contempt of public bodies and public servants,” and “hostility against the homeland” because he reported on “injustices suffered by Anglophone Cameroonians.”


10years Detention With Out Trial Frees Man From 10 Years Jail Term

According to Eboutou, Jules Tchuenkam was a promising businessman in the locality, known by all the authorities and with his well-established network of airtime transfers, some of these personalities could buy on credit. However, one day, Tchuenkam rejected the demands of one of these authorities and the person in question promised to teach him a lesson he would never forget.