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Basketball Player Apologises Over Manhandling Of Referee

Douala (National Times)-Cameroonian basketball player, Marc Verlaine Patrick Ouboung plying his trade with the Condor basketball club in Yaounde has apologised  for slapping a referee who  officiated their final 4 game in Douala, against Ecole de basket.

In the apology letter, Patrick Ouboung, writes that he expected referee Tsapgou Jephte one of those who officiated the match to blast his whistle after a foul. Instead of signaling a foul, the referee gave Ouboung a technical foul for raising his voice. This pushed the Condor player to overreact towards the match official.

Admitting his conduct is uninspiring to younger players,  Ouboung  addressed his apology to the Cameroon Basketball Federation and the entire basketball world on May 20. Sanctions are expected to be meted on Ouboung.

The matches played from the 17th to the 19th of May at the gymnasium of the American institute in Douala were meant to determine the 2019 winner of the Elite 1 basketball championship in . Condor won the match despite the misconduct of its player.

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