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At Wirba Force Launch: Hon Wirba Lowers War Drums, Crusades For Peace Among Divided Anglophones

UK (National Times)-“The Anglophone Struggle has always been a struggle about the people and not about self-interest … The last item I came here to do is to warn Southern Cameroonian Diaspora, after my warning to my party and to La République du Cameroun. Take it or leave it, if you do not come together immediately…discuss and get things right, wait for the consequences. You have no choice but to come together. That is why I am here. I want us across the world to make that effort to come together.”

These were the words of Honourable Joseph Wirba Mbidzenyuy, Social Democratic Front (SDF) Member of Parliament (MP) for Jakiri Special Constituency.

He was speaking to the Anglophone Diaspora in the United Kingdom, on Saturday, January 12, 2019, while launching his new book titled WirbaForce. The book in predicated on the Anglophone Struggle, which took a decisive kink in 2016.

Hon Wirba exorcising Division

The MP frowned at the yawning division among Anglophones, especially the leaders of the struggle and beseeched them to keep aside their egos, bury the hatchet and come together for the interest of the downtrodden population of the two Regions.

To Hon Wirba, the leaders of the struggle cannot be fighting among themselves, while the population is being killed by the military. He urged them to put aside their personal brawls and unite with a common people-centred goal, or face the wrath of the dying people back home in West Cameroon.

He also lambasted those who have transformed the people’s yearning for freedom into a money making venture and an avenue for self-aggrandisement “Some leaders have in their self-seeking attitudes, taken up the position of the oppressor.”

The daring MP asserted that all the stakeholders in the Anglophone struggle must come together, sit on the table, put hands on deck and chart the way forward.

Going by the Nso Warrior, Anglophones must come together because Ministers in Cameroon do not believe that Anglophones are marginalised talk more of having peculiar problems.  “These people do not believe that we have problems. They do not believe that we are humans…like the Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals told me that it was the Anglophones, who chose to join Francophones and as such, they have to take whatever the system reserves for them without complaining.”

He chided some Anglophones, especially Ministers and Directors of State Corporation, whom he said are using their position to further, frustrate the liberation struggle of their people. He described them as “‘elevated slave”

“I am aware that some of the spies and elevated slaves are here today for this book launch to spy and report back to their masters.”

He berated Biya for using guns and canons to clamp down on the people. “Nothing seems to work in the country. All they know is soldiers and guns…If we had a Parliament, what I said wouldn’t have been news, because people should have been saying it a long time ago,” he said.

The MP insisted that in whatever situation people find themselves; peace should be given a chance. “In whatever we do, we should always give peace a chance… when we start turning this struggle into certain individuals and when it will collapse and those who have lost their lives in the fight will turn on those who led them into a failed struggle and will made things worse for them.”

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