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Minister Contradicts Kamto’s Spokesperson Over Identity of Protesters, Arrest Figures

Yaounde (National Times)-Cameroon’s Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi says the identity of persons arrested on Saturday June 8th in Yaoundé  for illegally attempting to march showed no political affiliation.

The information surfaced on the social media accounts of the ministry a day after controversy erupted over the arrest and torture of some militants of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) political party.

According to the Minister, police arrested 66 persons while gendarmes picked up some 19 individuals. In  a statement on the  twitter account of the ministry, the statement indicated that,   police  had released 43 of those it arrested while the Gendarmes had freed 11 others. The rest the statement hold will be released after ‘customary checks’.

The statement from the Communication Ministry further asserted that, “illegal march attempts in Cameroon: On 6/8/19, Cameroonians went about their business as usual, thus defeating all antipatriotic moves. Security forces in keeping with their mission carried out neither torture, arrest, nor ill treatment”.

The narrative and figures go contrary to the content of a release which Olivier Bibou Nissack the spokesperson of detained opposition candidate professor Maurice Kamto issued last Saturday. Bibou claiming over 200 of its militants were arrested during that last protest arbitrarily and locked up in secret centers.

The same reaction was absent on June 1st when CRM party officials released figures claiming over 351 militants were arrested after protesting across towns and cities in the country.



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