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Government Contradicts Local Reports On Latest Boko Haram Attack

Maroua (National Times)-Cameroon’s Defense Minister, Joseph Beti Assomo has released government’s own version of the casualty figures of the latest attack which agents  of the dreaded Islamic sect boko haram staged in Darak, Far North Region contradicting local reports..

According to Beti Assomo, in the night of Sunday 9 breaking Monday June 10 about 300 heavily armed militants belonging to Boko Haram stormed the Darak locality of the Logone and Chari division in the Far North region.

This led to a confrontation with elements of the First Sector of the Multinational Joint Task Force of the Lake Chad region leading to enormous casualties on both sides.

Beti Assomo stated that at the end of the attack, 16 soldiers were found dead with eight injured, while eight civilians were killed with one injured. The injured, according to the press release dated June 12 and signed by the Defense boss have been taken care of.

On the side of Boko Haram, Beti Assomo stated that 64 militants were killed, many others wounded but escaped, eight captured and three boats destroyed.

This version of the Minister contradicts earlier reports by some newspapers and rights group which claimed that as many as 37 civilians and members of the military were killed. According to these civil society institutions, at least three other soldiers are still unaccounted for. In all there were at least three attacks notably in Kolofata, Darak and Nguetchewe as announced by local media. However, Beti Assomo’s report did not mention whether some soldiers were missing and commented only on the attack on Darak.

With government’s concentration on the Anglophone regions, there is a growing fear that Boko Haram is exploiting the situation to regroup, re-strategize and re-launch its activities which had witnessed a lull for some time now.

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