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Fru Ndi Tours Ruins Of ‘Ambazonia War’, SONARA Inferno

Buea (National Times)-Cameroon’s Opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) national Chairman John Fru Ndi is this Thursday June 13th  on a tour of the Crisis-hit South West Region of the country The National Times has learnt.

According to sources within the SDF, the chairman will tour Kumba, Limbe, Muyuak and Buea. Fru Ndi is expected to visit the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) greatly affected by the lingering Anglophone crisis.

He will also visit the National Oil Refining Company (SONARA) to get an appraisal of the explosion of May 31st which ruined 4 of the company’s 13 production units.

Our sources maintained that, the chairman will hold discussions with a cross section of the population of the communities affected within the context of the Anglophone crisis. He is equally expected to have brief discussions with administrative officials of the places he will be visiting.

The National Times learnt that, the chairman was programmed to be welcomed into the South West Region early today by some high profile militants of the SDF.

In the meantime, there has been no official party communication in relation to the visit. Political observers believe that, the current tour could be one of the undisclosed resolutions of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting which held in Yaounde last week.

The SDF is seen as using the current visit to keep touch with the population of its political base greatly distressed within the context of the Anglophone crisis. Fru Ndi’s outing could also be to keep the link between the SDF and the population alive in case it decides to be part of the 2019 municipal and legislative elections.

At the moment, the party’s rhetoric is that of demanding an end to the Anglophone crisis before the staging  of municipal elections.



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