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Organise Catch Up Exams For Thousands Who Missed GCE Over Ramadan Controversy, SDF Tells Minister

Yaouonde (National Times)-Cameroon’s opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party is demanding the Minister of Secondary Education Nalova Lyonga to  cause the organisation of  special examination  sessions for students who missed out last week owing to controversy over the day for the Muslim feast of Ramadan.

In one of its resolutions arrived at during  a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting  of June 9, the party claimed , some 2000 students  missed out on the GCE and BEPC examinations.

The  SDF “ is concerned about the case of some  two  thousand children who, due to the confusion over the day of the Ramadan, have not been able to write  the GCE ordinary level and the BEPC examinations. Therefore calls on the Minister of Secondary Education to organise a catch up session to rescue these students” reads the resolution.

Quizzed on the veracity of the figures from the party on the number of students affected by the confusion, one of the communication officials of the SDF Henry Kejang  told Lake Site radio that, the entity has a shadow cabinet that works round the clock.

Kejang said, the SDF has structures across the country which monitors everything that affects the lives of Cameroonians. He averred that, the Minister needs to take expedient measures to relief the students and their families of the stress of losing an entire academic year.

To the SDF official, the government  has politicise the  issue of the moon associated with the feast of Ramadan  reason  why there was confusion over the day the feast had to be celebrated.The ministry of Secondary education is yet to make a statement since the incident

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