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Opposition Demands Transitional Government To End ‘Civil War’ In Cameroon

Yaounde (National Times)-Cameroon’s Opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party is requesting for the putting in place of a transitional  government to put an end to the crisis in the country’s English-speaking Regions which it described as a civil war.

The request is the highpoint of resolutions arrived at Sunday June 9 during the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party staged in Yaounde. According to the resolutions which the SDF national Chairman John Feru Nndi issued after that meeting, the Anglophone crisis is  “ too serious to be diluted with problems  related to other state issues  or confused with other ethnic demands”.

It  “asks for a transitional  government  to be put in place to resolve this civil war  that is wrecking the  foundation of the nation. Since the Biya regime has clearly shown that, it is part of the problem for which we hold him entirely responsible” The party resolved.

According to the SDF,  “ those who are pushing for  the use of the state apparatus  to exterminate a whole  people in the North West and South West Regions will all be  held accountable  for the state crimes and  genocide committed in the Anglophone zone”.

To the international committee, the SDF appreciated efforts made to cushion the humanitarian crisis. The party “calls on them (international Community) to intensify the humanitarian relief efforts and put more pressure on the government to allow free access to human rights organisations and humanitarian relief organisations to the conflict zone”.

The SDF’s demand for a transitional government ties with the Cameroon Peoples Party (CPP) of Edith Kabang Walla which has been echoing thesame  even before the presidential elections. Kah Walla boycotted the October 7th 2018 presidential elections in Cameroon stating that nothing was going to change.She has for long echoed the need for a transitional government  to  put Cameroon on the right track.

The crisis in the English-speaking Regions is inching towards a third year. Over 200 villages have been razed with some civil society organisations accusing the military of doing such.  Thousands of civilians and hundreds of military personnel have died in the conflict. Calls from within and without for an inclusive dialogue to end the crisis have yielded no fruits.

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