SDF, ‘Ambazonia’ ; Scuffle To Stage A Replay Of The 1953 East Regional Crisis

April 30, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

Taking a throwback at the Enugu event, Amba Boys believed, Social Democratic Front (SDF) Members of Parliament and Senators, most of whom hail from the Former British Southern Cameroons can also stage an Enugu-styled walkout. Their assumption is that, such would force the Biya regime and France to make drastic concessions like London and Lagos did in 1954.
However, luck seems far away from the separatists’ as Fru Ndi who was already born by 1954 thinks otherwise.

Fru Ndi Rejected State Security For Fear Of Clash With ‘Amba Boys’ – SDF Official

April 29, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

Speaking to Yaoundé-based media house RTS, Mvom said, Fru Ndi estimated that a military convoy would invite a clash with “Amba Boys” which would lead to more casualties. The party bigwig in the Centre argued that had Chairman accepted to travel with soldiers provided by Governor Lele L’Afrique, the outcome of last weekend’s trip to Kumbo would have been bloody on both sides.

Fru Ndi To Catalog ‘Ambazonia Arrest’ Experience In Petition To Biya

April 29, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

Fru Ndi said he is happy he used the opportunity of meeting the gunmen to tell them certain things which they don’t know. He averred that, people should be able to tell the suspected separatists’ fighters things which they do not know to aid their understanding.
A release from the SDF first Vice National Chairman Honourable Joshua Osih Nambangi dated Sunday April 28 indicated that, Fru Ndi was freed alongside some of his close aides

Rights Group Accuses Biya Regime Of Using Repressive Tone Over AU Criticisms

April 28, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

that “The denial of recognition of cases of serious human rights violations as well as the failure to respect the mechanism of the United Nations and the African Union may lead, by virtue of the responsibility to protect, the Peace and Security Council of the African Union and the United Nations Security Council to address the socio-political crisis in Cameroon and take steps to strengthen the application of the principle of accountability for the prevention of atrocity crimes.”

Ambazonia Leaders’ Advocates Announce Boycott Of Court Sessions

April 26, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

On March 1st this year, an Abuja High Court in the Federal Republic of Nigeria ruled that, the separatists’ leaders should be repatriated to where they were arrested. The same ruling asked for the compensation of self-declared president of ‘Ambazonia’ Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and members of his cabinet currently detained at the Kondengui maximum security prison in Yaounde.

Bilingualism Commission Wants Ban On The Words “Anglophone,” “Francophone”

April 26, 2019 Gerard Tapuka 0

University Don and Historian, Willibroad Dze Ngwa in a chat, argued that those, rejecting the words are politicians who are suppressing the reality. He said the present day North West and South regions used to be British Southern Cameroons under Nigeria.
“Upon reunification with La Republique du Cameroun in 1961 it became known as West Cameroon while former La Republique was called East Cameroon. And after 1972, the two restive regions have become known as Anglophone regions which are different from other English speaking areas of Africa”.Ze Ngwa stated.

President Biya Battles For Cameroon’s Soul On Social Media

April 26, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

Issues of corruption, tribalism especially within the public service and corridors of power are some of the longstanding ills that critics have for decades been decrying under the Biya regime until recently.
Growing international pressure on the regime in the face of these happenings and a hostile diaspora is not helping matters. The result of this new presidential posture will only be seen as days go by.

Detained CRM Militants Boycott Court Hearing

April 26, 2019 Maxcel Fokwen 0

Meanwhile, the fate of CRM leader professor Maurice Kamto and other top party executives may end up being decided at the military tribunal. Applications for habeas corpus for Kamto and co have been rejected. The substantive case in which the detained politicians could be tried for terrorism related charges is expected to rumble off in the courts anytime soon except a strange political decision is taken.