Men In Military Attire Open Fire On Teenager

Kumba (National Times)-At least four men dressed in military attire opened fire on a youngster  at the Kumba main market, Meme Division, South West Region of Cameroon early Saturday May 4th under unclear circumstancest eye witnesses have tol The National Times .

The teenager whose names The National Times could not immediately get is assumed to  be at most 17 years  of age .Traders around the ‘Kake Line’ stretch of the market where the incident unfolded narrated that, the happenstance took place before 7 A M Saturday.

According to the eye witness accounts, the  teenager who died from the multiple bullet wounds was a truck pusher within the Kumba main market.

The individuals whom eyewitnesses say were clad in military clothing are said to have fired at the deceased after beaconing on him to come unsuccessfully. Reports hold that, the men in military attire reportedly asked the youngster to come closer but he was jittery seemingly for fear of the unknown.

Moments later, multiple gunshots were heard. A trader confirmed that, the deceased was shot five times on different body parts. Minutes after the incident, traders vacated the section where it happened.

A gloomy atmosphere reigned throughout the early hours of the day as acquaintances mourned the killing of the youngster.

It is unclear if any security moves have been engaged to identify the individuals whom eye witnesses claim murdered the youngster. No group has claimed responsibility for the killing.

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