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Let The Amba Boys, Military Come, I’ll Embrace Them-Fru Ndi

Kumba (National Times)-Cameroon’s opposition leader John Fru Ndi of the Social Democratic Front (SDF)  says, he is open to embrace both the military and separatists fighters  across the country’s restive English-speaking Regions because whichever way death hits, he is touched by the losses.

Fru Ndi made the assertion Thursday June 13th in Kumba shortly after holding discussions with the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Meme Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong and the Director of the Kumba District Hospital.

According to the politician, there is urgent need for the crisis to come to an end for peace to return. He asserted that, but as he tours the crisis areas, he is ready to meet military officers and separatists fighters.

Fru Ndi condemned the attack on the  Kumba Hospital in the night of February 10 breaking 11. He described the attack as the highest level of human wickedness be it carried out  by the separatists or military elements.

He congratulated the administrative and medical officials for staying put in their duty stations despite the insecurity in the area. Fru Ndi observed that, elsewhere, others have escaped  but the case remains different in Kumba.

The chairman told reporters that “ the Kumba District Hospital burnt to me is a national disaster that affects everybody and I was just apologizing to the director that, I am only coming now which is better late than never because when this happened, I also lost a parliamentarian and I was in the hospital for one week and all these disturbed me. But this time that I managed  to come out , I had to come see the horrible destruction … I lack words to describe what I have seen because, they go beyond human touch, I mean it is painful that human beings can come to destroy the hospital whether they are ambas or soldiers, all of them come to the hospital  and when you  go again to destroy where you go to when you are sick, this is wickedness of the last degree. It is unfortunate that, some people lost their lives in this fire disaster. So we condemn in very strong terms destructions like this” Fru stated.

Earlier on, Fru Ndi had frank exchanges with the SDO  over military excesses  within the context of the crisis. The politician questioned how the hospital was burnt in an area with high military concentration. The SDF strong man also condemned separatists’ excesses on the population.

Unlike in Fako Division wherein the chairman said the SDO and CDC General Manager escaped from office to avoid meeting him, the Kumba lap was cordial. Fru Ndi had earlier on in the day been blocked by military officers from visiting SONARA to appraise the extent of the fire disaster.






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