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Kamto ‘Lectures’ Biya Regime From Detention On Way Out Of Anglophone Crisis

Yaounde (National Times)-The President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) party, Maurice Kamto has written a letter from his prison cell suggesting to the Biya regime the way out of the Anglophone crisis while assuring supporters that, he would not give up his crusade for change in the country.

Kamto’s thoughts  on these and other burning state issues form the highpoint of a four page hand written letter dated April 14 bearing his name and seal; a copy of which the National Times stumbled on.

On the conflict in the Anglophone regions, Kamto termed it a “civil war”. According to him, a ceasefire, general amnesty to all detained in relation to  the conflict and a national dialogue is the way out.

Kamto writes that, the conflicts faced by Cameroon including the post-electoral quarrels can only be solved through negotiation and not violence. He made a comparison with the recent uprisings in Algeria and Sudan stating that, Cameroon may be next.

He  has instructed his militants not to relent their efforts in fighting what he calls the “repressive Biya regime.” In the document, Kamto restates his wish  to meet and negotiate with Paul Biya as well as encouraged his militants to continue with what he called the pacific struggle.

While encouraging his militants especially those incarcerated not to lose hope, Kamto warned those he called their persecutors and promised to drag them before national and international jurisdictions for them to answer charges

The Jurist of international reputation lamented over their conditions of arrest and detention but  promised never to submit even his enemies to such. He particularly spelled out the detention conditions of female members of the CRM party which he said are inhumane.

It is still not clear how letter was smuggled out of  prison where he and his close party aides are being held.


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