Three Corpses Spotted In Day One Of Separatists’ Controversial 10 Days Lockdown

Buea (National Times)-The corpses of three unidentified individuals were spotted across localities in the South West Region of Cameroon Thursday April 4th hours after a controversial separatists-imposed lockdown operation went into effect.

Around the Mile 17 Motor Park in Buea, it was the lifeless body of a youngster that left commuters confused. It remains unclear what killed the individual. However, at nightfall Wednesday April 3rd ,  sporadic gunshots in the neighbourhouring locality of Muea triggered  fear. Within the same period, the last sets of hundreds of Buea inhabitants were battling to escape the troubles of the lockdown.

Beyond Buea, shock hit the inhabitants of Ikiliwindi Village, Konye Sub Division following the discovery of the dead bodies of two youngsters. The corpses of the duo were placed around a weighing station under construction hundreds of meters away from Kumba.Villagers lamented that they are tired of burying corpses.

The young men dressed in assorted attire could not be identified as at the time villagers streamed to the scene. According to the inhabitants, it is not the first time that the corpses of young men  are being placed at the same spot since the Anglophone crisis went deadly.

Some locals were overheard grumbling and suspecting that, the youngsters might have been killed by men in military attire. It is unclear if the deceased were separatists’ footmen or civilians. Such unclear deaths were recurrent during the last lockdown operation of February 2019.Ikiliwindi has recorded deadly clashes pitting security forces and separatists’ fighters in recent times. Civilians, suspected separatists’ and security elements have been killed in the locality under dreadful circumstances.

Within the same Thursday, news emerged of the killing of a man and his wife alongside children in the bushes in the locality of Ekona Fako Division. It is unclear who killed the family but other persons trapped in the forests claim there was a military raid on separatists’ fighters in the area.


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