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Dead Toll Rises To 37 As Boko Haram Battles Far North Cameroon

Maroua( National Times)-The death toll in suspected Bokoram attacks in the Far North Region of Cameroon has climbed to at least  37 persons. Renewed attacks early this week add up to those of last weekend which had resulted in military and separatists casualties.

According to an updated version of casualties published by French newspaper, l’oeil du sahel with strong ties to activities of the group, attacks by alleged members of Boko Haram have left 37 dead comprising both civilians and military officers. The newspaper said the attack is the biggest loss to the Cameroon military in the North in recent times as about ten of its personnel have been killed and others are still unaccounted for.

In the course of the fight, some of the attackers were also neutralized but the number cannot be verified because the group usually carries its dead and wounded militants.

Between Saturday, June 8 and Monday, June 10, unidentified men believed to be affiliated to Boko Haram carried out attacks in different areas of the Far North including Darak around the Lake Chad area, Kolofata in the Mayo Sava division and Nguetchewe in the Mayo Tsanaga division.

At first instance, 14 persons including seven soldiers were reported dead with three others missing. But in the meantime, the death toll has risen to 37.

Cameroon is now facing two deadly wars within its territory. The first being the war against Boko Haram declared by President Paul Biya in May 2014 and the second being the Anglophone war launched by the same President in November 2017.

Both engagements were poorly calculated and the plans ill baked which is ensuring that the government, economy, people and military are all overstretched an. The heaviest price is being paid by the people and the military. Regime barons have been accused of sealing all avenues of nonviolent conflict management seeing it as a gesture of the weak and powerless.

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