Did US Diplomat Say Biya Is Next After Sudan’s Al-Bashir?

Yaounde (National Times)-A 2minutes 57 seconds video showing  the United States (US) Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Tibor Nagy addressing an African community in Houston, Texas  has rattled the social  media. It shows Tibor praising the Sudanese people for chasing their leader, Omar Hassan Al-Bashir while asserting that, his “next concern is Cameroon.”

Many have interpreted the statement of the US Diplomat to mean that the US is actually planning for the departure of Biya whom to them is the main cause of the problems especially the war in the Anglophone regions.

In the video, the diplomat who is just returning from an African trip which included Cameroon celebrated the recent happenings in Africa especially regime change in Ethiopia, DR Congo and recently in Sudan.

However, he spent more time lamenting over the situation in Cameroon which has given the impression that his country’s next destination is Paul Biya. This is what Ambassador Tibor Nagy said;

“We have had so much good news from Africa…look at what is happening in Ethiopia, look at what is happening in the Horn of Africa…look at the Democratic Republic of Congo which for the first time may actually become a Democratic Republic, look at what happened yesterday in Sudan when people-power overthrew the corrupt blood-thirsty regime of President Omar Al-Bashir. So I would just say my next concern is Cameroon.”

Corroborating this latest outing with past statements made by the diplomat where he blamed the Biya regime for the challenges facing Cameroon and tasked it for being a major violator of human rights, many have concluded that Donald Trump’s government wants a way out for Biya.

Even though Ambassador Tibor who is specialized in African affairs in the US government spoke about other African countries, he however placed more focus on Cameroon and called the situation in the two restive regions an ongoing “civil war”. He recalled that, it started when Anglophones expressed legitimate concerns but the government failed to provide real answers. “Cameroon is the country that I feel more about…there is effectively a civil war going on in one part of the country which formerly was a British colony…Anglophones are fighting for their rights which started with very serious complains but unfortunately the government of Cameroon has not responded in a way that would assuage the concerns of Cameroonians,” Tibor Nagy said.

The Government’s spokesperson and Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi may likely react to the statements given the social media buzz it has generated.

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