Minister Blames ANTILOPE Over Uncertainty Of Teachers’ Salaries

Yaounde (National Times)- Cameroon’s Secondary Education Minister, Pauline Egbe Nalova Lyonga has urged Teachers under her Ministry to be patient as salaries for the month of April would be delayed due to the unavailability of the ANTILOPE system which manages the files of state workers.

According to a release signed by Nalova Lyonga on April 25, the same day workers were due salaries, the ANTILOPE software has been unavailable throughout the month of April and the treatment of payroll files, career instruments and other financial demands have not been carried out.

However, the communication did not spell out a date for the resumption of treatment of files for Teachers who form the largest institution under the government payroll.

The situation is different in the Basic Education sector as Teachers confirmed to us that they have already received their salaries for the month of April.

The ANTILOPE software is failing at a time when Public Service Minister, Joseph Anderson Le has been defending the project as cost efficient and very effective.

In a recent interview over state radio, Anderson Le praised the state management system and argued that workers don’t need to travel distances or chase files because the system is automatic.

In 2014 the SIGIPES II was launched to replace SIGIPES I and the system went operational two years after with software called ANTILOPE (National Computerized Software for the Treatment of Files of State Workers).

It is specifically in charge of managing career profile of state workers. The system and software have been vigorously criticized by state workers who say they still cover hundreds of kilometres to chase files in Yaounde.

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