10.000 Cameroonians Apply For Medals Ahead Of National Day Celebrations

Yaoundé (National Times)-Members of the council of Cameroon’s Grand Chancellery of National Orders have begun examining  the files of some 10.000 applicants  for 350 medals available for state recognition  on May 20th  the state media reported Monday.

The body in charge of selecting persons qualified for such recognition is expected to finish work Wednesday April 17th. After this, the seal of the president of the republic is expected to approve those found fit for state recognition.

Peter Mafany Musonge, Grand Chancellor of national orders told The state media on Monday as the examination of the  files rumbled off that,  instructions  have been given for  the exercise to be done without bias. Musonge said the hope is that in the end, those selected will be individuals who have distinguished themselves in serving  the state to merit recognition.

The medal recipient on this day usually cuts across. It spans through members of the armed forces, civil servants, the civil society, entrepreneurs among others.

The pronouncement from the grand chancellor comes at a time when, some Cameroonians hold contrary opinion over the selection of individuals usually compensated on such occasions.

However, the medals are usually spread across the country to enable the ambiance of such recognition spice up the national day celebrations in all sub Divisions.

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