Cameroon Gets FCFA 100 Billion WB Funding For Basic Education, Fight Against Poverty

Yaounde (National Times)-The World Bank  Bank (WB) has signed four accords with the government of Cameroon to provide FCFA 100 billion to fund reforms in the basic  education sector and sponsor social projects to roll back poverty among refugees and internally displaced persons.

Cameroon’s minister of the economy, planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT) Alamine Ousman Mey and the  representative of the World Bank in Cameroon Elisabeth Huybens signed the agreement on April 9th. This was during a high level meeting grouping stakeholders in Washington D C.

FCFA 35 billion is expected to be used for social projects while FCFA 75 billion is reforms in the basic education sector.

Alamine Ousman Mey told state media that, the  social project will entail the transfer of wealth to the vulnerable in society through the Labour intensive Approach –HIMO approach of  executing public projects.

In the basic education sector, the minister said the funding will enable government recruit 12.000 contract teachers. The minister revealed that, text books will also be given to pupils. A performance based funding approach is equally envisaged in this regard.

Refugee-laden communities and others hosting internally displaced persons are expected to benefit projects that will roll back poverty. The livelihood of 42.000 new refugees households is expected to improve. A further 85.000 will also benefit.  An estimated 23.000 People are expected to earn a living to through the HIMO approach.


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