WB Announces FCFA 75 billion To Boast Cameroon’s Basic Education

Yaounde (National Times)-Elizabeth Huybens country representative of the World Bank (WB)   in Cameroon says her institution would be providing  FCFA 75 billion to the government of Cameroon for the recruitment of Teachers in the basic education sector.

Speaking after an audience with the Minister of Basic Education, Professor Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa on Monday April 29, Huybens declared that the project would run for five years under the Education development program known by its French acronym as PAREC.

It is expected that thousands of Teachers would be recruited with emphasis being laid on what is called ‘priority regions’. The money would be used among others to pay the salaries of the newly recruited teachers for a while under a special status after which the Ministries of Public Service and Finance would take charge.

A similar project was launched about two decades ago which ensured that thousands of teachers were recruited by the government of Cameroon with the help of World Bank funds. Most of them were sent to priority zones in the North as well rural areas in other regions.

The project ignited a high enrolment rate into Teacher Training colleges with the private sector  operating some. However, many Teachers have argued that, the entire recruitment process is marred by gross corruption as Teachers who don’t fulfill the conditions for recruitment are given the pride of place because of their ties with highly placed state officials.

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