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After Fatal Road Crash, West Governor Publishes List Of Accident Victims

Bafoussam(National Times)-West Regional Governor, Awa Fonka Augustine, has published a detailed list of victims of the deadly motor accident which occurred in the locality of Lagoué, Baham in the Upper Plateau Division of the West Region on Sunday, June 23.

According to the Governor, 21 persons died following the accident. Among this number, 15 have been identified while one person is still missing. 16 other persons, according to the Governor’s report published on Monday, June 24 were also wounded.

The Governor has urged families and relations to contact authorities of the Bafoussam Regional Hospital as well as the mobile wing of the West Regional Gendarmerie.

The accident is one of the deadliest in recent times in the country. It involved a transport bus plying the Bafoussam-Douala highway and a heavy duty truck.

Immediately the accident occurred, Communication Minister, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, blamed the incident on overloading and excess speed.

However, with the bad state of roads coupled with their very narrow nature, critics say the blame is also shared with the Government. Not even the numerous road safety campaigns by the National Gendarmerie and Ministry of Transport have been able to change the situation.

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