Minister Eyes More IDPs For May 20th Celebrations To Promote ‘Living Together’

Yaounde (National Times)- Cameroon’s Youth and Civic Education Minister, Mounouna Foutso has annouonced the inclusion of more internally Displaced persons (IDPs) from the restive North West and South West Regions of the country in the celebrations of May 20 National Day events this 2019 as a means to promote national unity and living together.

While chairing a planning meeting for the civilian component of the celebrations, Foutso said IDPs would be given a pride of place  so as to foster national integration and living together.

He announced that IDPs would take part in all the activities leading to the day and the day itself. Therefore, a football match pitting IDPs against their host communities would be organised prior to May 20, the Minister disclosed.

The main focus of this year’s celebration would be to foster national integration, unity and living together, the Minister declared. Hence, the unitary and national integration village would be reintroduced and erected at the Yaoundé multipurpose sports centre. Moreover, a unitary flame would also be set up and in the general organization IDPs would be well represented. Organizers of the events also announced that everything shall be done in the two official languages of Cameroon; English and French.

It would be the first time IDPs are formerly included in the celebrations. Though taking a national appellation, most activities involving IDPs would take place in Yaoundé, the capital while the war continues to ravage towns and villages of Anglophone Cameroon. Despite its loftiness it maybe another smokescreen model to solve a political problem which goes beyond eventful celebrations.

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