Ambazonia Leaders’ Advocates Announce Boycott Of Court Sessions

Buea (National Times)-Barrister Amungua Tanyi Nico, chairman of the media and Communication for the Defense team of Cameroon’s separatists’ leaders  has issued a statement  announcing the boycott of  hearings  at the military tribunal in Yaounde as from April 29th.

According to the statement released Friday April 26th, “appearances shall only resume before the military tribunal in Yaounde after their appeal pending before the Appeal Court of the Center Region shall be determined by that jurisdiction”.

The advocate in the statement heralds that, “ the extant law regulating  criminal procedure  in the Republic of Cameroon is unequivocal  to the effect that,  once an interlocutory  appeal is filed , the lower court obligatorily  suspends  all other business and stays proceedings  until the matter is heard by the Appeal Court”.

Today’s statement comes after weeks of confusion within the public space over the way forward in a matter whose ending  will have an impact on the current armed conflict raging across English-speaking Cameroon.

On March 1st this year, an Abuja High Court in the Federal Republic of Nigeria ruled that, the separatists’ leaders should be repatriated to where they were arrested. The same ruling asked for the compensation of self-declared president of ‘Ambazonia’ Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe  and members of his cabinet currently detained at the Kondengui maximum security prison in Yaounde.

Since then, nothing has changed with the trial of the Anglophone separatists’ movement leaders. The ruling from Nigeria had triggered hope within some circles for something strange to happen in relation to the detained regaining freedom. Yet the end of the matter seems to be years away if a political option is not sort to end the crisis.



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