Chief Wants SW Governor To Apologise Over ‘Marching Order’, Says Fako People Are Crying

Buea (National Times)-John Ewome Eko, traditional ruler of Bwasa Village, Buea Sub Division, Fako Division of the South West Region of Cameroon says, the administrative head of the Region  Bernard Okalia Bilai  has to apologise to the  chiefs for ordering them to march on May 20th this year.

Chief Ewome made the declaration Friday May 3rd  following a street demonstration of some of his peers , youths  and masquerades to show indignation over the April 25th declaration of the administrator.

Ewome told reporters that, “The purpose of this marching is because the fellow Fako people have been crying since the Governor made the statement that we are going to march with our villagers… so the people have been disturbing us as;  asking us questions… so today our villagers together with some external elites asked us to go to the streets and  ask if  might be we have a problem with the government.. But since morning, myself and my fellow Chiefs have been marching to say we are not going to bring any violence here in Fako.. we are welcoming, we are in a nation where peace should reign”.

He furthered that “ since morning we have been marching  from Bwasa to Bongo Square, Buea Town, to show case our culture first of all. And to tell the Governor that, we can march even at night.. he is not the one to  tell us when to march with placards… Mr Governor can you say that to your chief… no. Give us a bit of respect, we also respect you. I am in Bwasa, I am sleeping there, if you care you come and take me tonight my villagers are still going to call me chief.. Frankly speaking you have to withdraw your statement… if you don’t withdraw it, even call some of the chiefs tell us that ok might be.. might be…. But the mayor was by your side and he wanted to see us march is that normal?… I’m sorry if I’ have gone out of hand but  it is from the bottom of our hearts for the Fako people. The masquerade came out to appease the gods. The gods were already angry” Chief Ewome situated.

Friday’s action  coincided with a letter from the Divisional Officer of Buea, Paul Wokam Kouam  addressed to Chief Mafany Njie Martin  president of the South West Chiefs Conference (SWECC). In that letter, the administrator accused Chief Njie of  blowing the governor’s declarations  out of proportion.

He then warned of possible legal, disciplinary and administrative sanctions. He observed that, the letter of the South West Chiefs which Chief Njie issued was full of untruths, misrepresentation and a ‘dubious’ attempt to pit the traditional rulers  of the Region against the Governor.



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