New Separatists’ Union Dares ‘Ambazonia’ Fighters, Suspend Lockdown Operation

Washington .Dc (National Times)-Separatists’ activists’  acting under the aegis of the newly created Southern Cameroon’s Liberation Council (SCLC) have issued a release announcing an immediate end to the controversial 10 lockdown  imposed on Fako Division , South  West region of Cameroon.

The release dated Tuesday April 9th  a copy of which The National Times stumbled on is viewed as an affront to splinter groups of separatists’ footmen  enforcing the lockdown operation across English-speaking Cameroon.

According to the document bearing the names and pictures of seven individual, “considering the feedback received from fellow ambazonians in the homeland, hereby resolves  by unanimous consent and accordingly, orders an immediate  lifting of the ongoing lockdown in Fako county effective Wednesday the 10th  day of April 2019”.

Authors  of the suspension going by the document the National Times read through include;  Ebenezer Akwanga of the African People’s Liberation Movement (ALPM),Elvis Kometa of Southern Cameroon’s Liberation Council (SCNC), Boh Herbert  of the Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons, Sally Likowo of the Southern Cameroon’s Women Organisation, Marc Chebs  ‘Re.Republic of Ambazonia  Nationalists’, John Mbah Akuroh of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium (CACSC) and Samuel Ikome Sako of the Interim Government.

The new movement saw the light of day on March 28th this year following a recent conference staged in Washington DC, United States of America. Critics have questioned why the body did not kick against the controversial 10 days lockdown when it was announced days after its creation.

The controversial lockdown operation  with intention to cripple the Limbe Festival Of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) went  into effect on April 4th.  It is programmed to expire on the 13th same day FESTAC is rounding up.

Separatists’ who announced the lockdown have seemingly failed in their target as FESTAC has been going on unperturbed. It is rather Buea and other cities that are suffering.

Observers already fear that, such a lifting of the lockdown operation will not be respected. There is a school of thought which believes that, the SCLM cannot suspend a lockdown operation it did not initiate.

When news of the lockdown first surface, it was rather anonymous publications on social media from persons claiming to be separatists’ footmen in Fako that issued threats. The unknown authors all bearing titles such as ‘commanders’ and ‘Generals’ claim they were the ones in charge  of the lockdown operation

Such confusion and uncoordinated separatists’ moves have resulted in deaths, arson and untold sufferings since the Anglophone crisis morphed into an armed struggle.

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