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Influential French Diplomat Holds Secret Meeting to Resolve Anglophone Crisis

Yaounde (National Times) – A prominent French diplomat at the French Embassy in Cameroon has organized a secret dinner in Yaounde, as the former colonial power struggles to protect its interest in Cameroon and seek a way out of the Anglophone crisis.

Philippe Larrieu a reputed French diplomat on African affairs and  graduate of the prestigious Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), hosted a dinner exclusive to European, Japanese and American diplomats on 26 April in Yaounde to discuss the crisis that is currently prevailing in the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon according to source familiar with the event.

Philippe Larrieu, has told several news outlet that France does not discriminate between Anglophones and Francophone Cameroonians. According to the diplomat, France’s goal in Cameroon “is to make Cameroon a sub-regional power, a flagship country, a pole of stability in Central Africa.”

National Times has also learnt that Philippe Larrieu is the brain behind French policy to deter its western partners from any direct intervention in Cameroon. The diplomat believes Cameroon can still attain a form of cohesive political integration through dialogue.

France is one of Cameroon’s colonial masters after they defeated the Germans in the First World War. The former German territory was partition between English and French, with the French control the largest part of the territory.

Anglophones are currently protesting against a several political, economic and cultural moves by the French dominated government, which they argue has failed to keep to the terms of the Unification.


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