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Detained Sisiku Auk Tabe Dissolves Interim Government As Infighting Bedevils ‘Ambazonia’

Yaounde (National Times)-The president of the  self-proclaimed   Federal Republic of Ambazonia  Sisiku Julius  Ayuk Tabe has reportedly dissolved the Interim Government (IG) which survived his cabinet citing  infighting,  according to a document dated Thursday May 2nd which The National Times stumbled on.

In the two page document bearing the names and signature of Sisiku, the IG has been dissolved. The document states that, the Sisiku-led cabinet as of January 5th , 2018 is reactivated.

The  document holds that, “ considering  that despite  all efforts  by well-meaning ambazonians  responding to my appeals  to keep the Interim Government afloat by accommodating the caretaker cabinet while  these issues  of infighting in the struggle  involving grave  improprieties  both in the management of material and human resources are  sorted out, the caretaker cabinet has lost the ability to reconcile our people and, in doing so, has imperiled  the identity  and mission of the interim government to complete the decolonization of Southern Cameroons through advancing  our collective  national interests.

It is incumbent on me as a servant-leadership fiduciary to bring redress to the Southern Cameroons-Ambazonians, to their struggle and their nation, from their slow descent into a footnote of our own history”

The same document stipulates that “ I hereby declare and direct that the caretaker cabinet is forthwith  dissolved  and that, the cabinet as was  in office  on January 5th  2018, when myself  and parts  of the leadership were abducted be reconstituted , restored  and reactivated”

It makes bold that, any persons or individual dealing any group of persons rather than the Sisiku-led government is doing so at their own risk. The document proscribes all changes made after the  period  of the arrest of the separatists’ leaders within the self-declared government.

According to the same document, “further directives shall be issued in the days ahead”. In the same piece, appreciation is made of the services of the interim president and other members that have served in different capacities within the separatists declared administration.

It is indicated on the same document that, the piece is issued from the Kondengui Maximum security prison  in Yaounde where Sisiku and some members of his cabinet are detained. The document urges activists to coordinate efforts to raising awareness on the sufferings of the masses.

At the moment, it is left to be ascertained if sisiku is the author of the said piece. On February 28th this year, the separatists’ leaders issued a hand written letter from prison tagged ‘Ambazonia Freedom Protocol’ . In that letter, they vowed to continue their quest for a separate state for the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

The signature of Sisiku in this latest  typed documents on the letterhead of the separatists’ self-declared state is akin to that in the February hand-written letter.



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