Wolves Passing For International Community Are After Cameroon’s Riches-Minister Momo

Yaoundé (National Times)-Erstwhile regime critic turned ally Jean De Dieu  Momo says the  international pressure on Cameroon  comprise wolves seeking to steal the country’s riches which president Biya has protected for over 36 years.

Momo’s reaction is the substance of a  recent release on his social media handle  in relation to the recent tweets of president Biya calling for unity in Cameroon. He holds the view that, any form of international interference into Cameroon’s internal affairs would take the country 100 years backward.

According to the  Minister Delegate in the Ministry of Justice, Paul Biya’s recent tweets are a warning that “wolves are at the door of our country, ready to pounce on our people and steal their property, their petroleum especially, which the president has protected for 36 years.”

Momo believes he can decipher Mr Biya’s recent social media outings geared at reinforcing national unity in the face of tough criticism from the outside world, notably the European Union (EU) Parliament.

He accused those he called criminals of taking advantage of Biya’s advanced age of 86 to deceive the ignorant portion of the population in order to propel another person to power. Such a successor the lawyer cum politician furthered, will offer the country’s petroleum resources to foreigners.

He cited the crisis in Libya after the ousting of Colonel Muamar Kaddafi, and the case of the Central African Republic following the departure of Emperor Bokassa.

“If you believe that I am a seer, take my warning seriously. Let’s chase the imperialist predators and destroy their internal support. If you still don’t understand, then let’s wait for the darkest hours of our history,” Jean de Dieu Momo wrote.

Minister Momo’s comments are just the latest in a series of reactions from the Biya administration to the EU Parliament’s resolution on Cameroon as the country battles with the Anglophone crisis and the detention of political figures.

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