Rotten, New Corpses Baffle Traders , Families Restless Over Missing Relatives

Konye (National Times)-Sight of corpses at a weighing station on the Kumba-Mamfe  road axis in the locality of Ikiliwindi, Konye, Meme Division, South West Region of Cameroon left a group of traders bffled Friday April 5th  as they visited the spot to identify and recover the remains of one of theirs  killed under unclear circumstances.

More families in the Kosala neighbourhood of Kumba  at the same time remain restless  following the disappearance  of their sons .

The atmosphere of anxiety is the outcome of the discovery of more abandoned corpses at the same  spot on the highway days  after the said persons went missing.

In the case of the trader,  whose identity The National Times gleaned as Roger,  his corpse was said to have spent days at the weighing station exposed to air. It had decomposed and disintegrated. Roger’s colleagues and acquaintances at the Kumba Main market visited the area with intention to recover the remains but failed given that the corpse was in bad shape.

Besides Roger, the remains of two other unknown persons were spotted at the same Weighting Station early this week. As at Saturday April 6th,  travelers confirmed  that, at least two new corpses had been added to those already decaying.

Controversial Arrests, Identities

Days after the abandoned corpses saga, information has emerged to the fact that, four persons went missing from a marijuana consumption joint in the heart of the Kosala neighbourhood of Kumba  last weekend. Some among those missing were said to be popular cocaine consumers. Reports emerged that, since a raid on the spot suspected to equally host separatists’ fighters, these persons went missing.

In  the heart of Kosala- Kumba two families are already mourning the disappearance of their sons. A local inhabitant identified one of those missing in the course of our investigations as Terar. Locals affirmed that, the missing kids were viewed as marijuana addicts.

How the persons disappeared from the marijuana joint in kosala and their corpses abandoned at Ikiliwindi is what is still troubling to the public.

At nightfall Saturday, an inhabitant of Ikiliwindi confided in The National Times that, it is unlikely that the corpses will be buried. “We are tied of burying corpses abandoned at that particular spot. This time around, everybody is still in shock, no one is saying anything. Ikiliwindi  we have over buried people we don’t even know.. I just past there now and the odour from the corpses is terrible”. The inhabitant stated.

The Konye council with a mandate to handle the cases of abandoned corpses seems helpless. Ikiliwindi is the gateway into Konye Sub Division from Kumba. The council staff, mayor  and most councilors  had all long  fled the municipality.



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