Boko Haram Attack Kills 7 On Cameroon –Nigeria Border

Mora (National Times)-At least seven persons  are reported dead in the locality of  Madagascar, Blangoua Sub Division, Lagon et Shari Division, Far North Region of Cameroon on the border with Nigeria following a Monday night breaking Tuesday April  23rd  attack linked to  the Boko Haram sect.

Reports hold that, victims of the attacks are mostly civilians who were taken off guard under the cover of darkness. Details of further human casualties remain unclear.

It comes just four days after another attack in the village of Tchakamri in Kolofata Sub Division, Mayo Sava Division of the same Region left at least 9 persons dead. Tons of food stuffs and cash crops mostly onion suffered destruction following that attack.

Homes were set ablaze. The victims of these attacks were mostly children and aged persons who could not escape. Survivors took cover in nearby bushes. Before this, a warder serving at the Mora Principal Prison was murdered a day earlier under circumstances linked to the terrorist group.

Administrative authorities have been taking measures assuring the population of government’s resolve to ensure the security of persons and property. Boko has multiplied attacks in recent days  after months  of limited strikes given that a military response had weakened its capacity in the area.

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