Military Inflicts More Pain On ‘Red Dragons’ After Death Of ‘Field Marshal’s’ Assistant

Menji (National Times)-Cameroon’s Security forces ventured into  a separatists’ camp  in the heart of Lebialem Division, South West Region believed to be that of the armed ‘Red Dragon’  on Tuesday March 26th destroying items  presumably used in combat days  after the demise of their self-styled  kingpin ‘General’ Ayekeh.

The operation into the Djehi camp believed to be the inner chambers of the dreaded separatists’  god  Oliver Leke Fobenueh aka ‘Field Marshal’  saw the recovery of a plethora of items among them military attire.

The National Times gleaned that, at least 17 motorcycles belonging to the red dragons were destroyed in that operation. Other items which are believed to have been recovered in that operation include cartridges, projectiles, laptop, red dragon batches, voters’ cards, sim cards, cameras, Cameroonian national identity cards, an automatic rifle among others.

Security forces are said to be of the opinion that, the camp in Ndehi is the actual hideout of ‘Field  Marshal’. Reports hold that, the contingent covered 6 kilometers into the hideout without any attack on the way. The forces are known to have used the Batcho-Menji access while on the expedition.

The ‘red dragons’ are believed to have gone underground in the last two months to regroup and regain strength after reported losses in recent battles.

The expedition into the heart of the separatists’ strong hold follows   a failed attempt the red dragons staged on a military base in Ngundeng, Menoua Division, West Region last week. It was during that battle that at least four fighters alongside the second in command ‘General’ Ayekeh died. Days after, Field Marshal issued an audio message in which he rubbished reports of Ayekeh’s death in the confrontation.



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  1. This fake magazine is the mouthpiece of #PaulBiya. If the authors are bold, let then show their faces. Biya will not live much longer and folks like this group supporting #genocide will receive justice from the population. Remember what happened to Gaddafi?

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