Special Duties Minister Introduces New Plan To Resolve Anglophone Crisis

Yaounde (National Times) – In a bit to bring back the stolen peace by the crisis that has been plaguing the Manyu community in the Southwest region of Cameroon, which has claimed the lives of many, kidnapping and destruction of properties and structures such as schools, VICTOR MENGOT ARREY NKONGHO, Minister in charge of special duties at the presidency, launched the community based strategic plan of action yesterday in Yaoundé, in the presence of Manyu chiefs and elite.

The strategic plan of action entails identify people involved in secessionist activities in the division for the purpose of dialogue and provide supplies to villages that have successfully eradicated secessionist activities.

In an interview with the Cameroon Radio Television, Minister VICTOR MENGOT said ” the plan of action aims at bringing peace to our villages and communities. We know that the people who have been disturbing the peace are our children. They have been kidnapping, burning houses and structures. Our communities are suffering, the economy of our region have deteriorated to the level that we don’t know how many years, we will take to bring back the level it was in 2006. Systematically, we wantbti tackle the problem from the root. That us, each community should identify those it’s sons and daughters who are taking part in the crisis and find a way to bring them back”

The community based plan intends to monitor the activities of secessionist, encourage frank dialogue, so as to sensitize them on the need to heed to the Head of State’s call to drop their weapons and return to their communities for peace and tranquility to reign.

Those in charge with the implementation of the plan of action are traditional authorities, quarter heads, village councillors, opinion leaders, economic operators, church leaders, community leaders, sociocultural groups, Ekpe and NGO leaders , Youth leaders and volunteers.

By the end of this month, the strategic plan is expected to yield fruits such as the total identification of villages and persons involved in secessionist activities, the number of emissaries selected and deployed, the number of armed groups or persons sensitized, participate in dialogue and lay down of arms by secessionist.

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