Man Survives Lynching After Burning Ex-Lover Alive

Douala (National Times)-A man whose names The National Times got as Edouard Zafack survived being lynched   in the Bonjongo vicinity of Douala  Four municipality, Wouri Division Littoral Region of Cameroon after he set a house ablaze  killing his ex-lover alive  in the process. The incident happened on Friday April 5th.

Zafack, had escaped from the neighbourhood after he committed the act. He showed up for some other private venture but an angry mob descended on him with intention to end his life.

A contingent of gendarmerie elements stormed the scene of the rowdy crowd and rescued the man. He is in custody as the investigations continue into the matter.

Zafack and his ex-girl friend are said to have had repeated misunderstandings. Neighbours recounted that, he had parked out of the house of his former girl friend’s house but was living within the same neighbourhood.

Why and how he put the home of his ex-lover on fire, killing her inside  is what has left  the population perplexed. The entire house was reduced to ashes. The body of Zafack’s ex-lover was burnt beyond recognition.

Neighbours suspect that, the accused must have carried out the act under the cover of darkness making it difficult for the victim to escape.




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