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80 Persons Arrested In Nigeria For Eating During Ramadan Fast

Nigeria (National Times)-The Sharia Police otherwise known as Hisbah in the North Eastern Nigeria State of Kano have arrested 80 persons who were caught eating during Ramandan fasting period.

The arrest took place in the past few days as confirmed by the BBC. “Yes from the beginning of the month till now we have arrested about 80 Muslims who were eating in public during Ramandan fast, spokespersons for Hisbah, Adamu Yahaya told the BBC.

He went further to state that those who were arrested were all released because they were first time offenders. “Luckily all those arrested eating in public were first time offenders and according to our law, we preach to them and release them. But if they are caught next time, we shall arraigned them before the courts,” Adamu Yahaya declared.

According to Adamu, the reduced number of arrested persons and the fact that all of them were first time offenders shows that their work is effective and many persons have been sensitized.

He also declared that Hisbah is going round to arrest all those eating in public during Ramadan. However, Adamu also declared that their work is focused only on Muslims and whenever any arrested person is able to proof that he is a Christian or belongs to a religion other than Islam, he/she is immediately released.

It is to be noted that prior to the start of the Muslim fasting month about 11 days ago, the same Sharia Police went around arresting those suspected of being criminals and prostitutes. It explained that the aim was to reduce sin in the society before the Holy month begins.

Nigeria is caught between secular and Sharia law since the year 2000. At least nine out of 36 states, mostly in the North have adopted Sharia law as their main source of legal inspiration. Three others have applied it partially.

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