Union Leaders Mix Cameroon’s Political Challenges With Labour Day Celebrations

Yaounde (National Times)-Trade Union leaders in Cameroon  say, they remain resolute to support the government  against the forces of distabilisation  and entrepreneurs  of war  threatening the country’s peace and stability.

The Assurances surfaced May 1st  as celebrations  went underway at the May 20th Boulevard in Yaounde. In speeches  at the ceremonial ground before the march pass ritual, the union leaders also raised worries  on the plight  of employees.

According to the president of the Cameroon United  Trade Unions, Essindi Minkoulou,  the syndicate reaffirms its commitment to support the government and state institutions despite the multiple challenges.

Essindi condemned external interference in the affairs of Cameroon. He saluted government’s resolve to restore normalcy in the English-speaking  and Far North Region of the country. The trade union leader insisted that, Cameroon is  one and indivisible despite the challenging times. He however urged government to ensure that, social peace becomes a reality in Cameroon.

Earlier on, Andre Same Seme, president of the Confederation of Trade Unions in Cameroon expressed concerns over the working conditions in the security-threatened regions of the country.

Same challenged the government to review the minimum wage  to at least  FCFA 60.000  a month. The trade union leader surmised that the current FCFA 36000 minimum wage is not  enough for workers to take care of their families.

In both outings, the union leaders commended government’s efforts but condemned malpractices such as workers’ exploitation and the shady deals involved in the recruitment of workers in some state institutions.

Minister Promises More                                              

Labour and Social Security Minister Gregoire Owona  in response to the  worries raised said, government has taken note . The minister said, constant dialogue will be enhanced to appease the social climate in the country.

The minister condemned the exploitation of workers and other shady practices. He urged  workers to denounce such practices  at the competent quarters and not only wait for public  manifestations to decry such happenstance. According to the minister, Cameroon remains a strong  country with opportunities  for its labour force.

Owona said for companies and employers of labour in the conflict-t hit Regions of the country, the government is aware of their challenges. The minister encouraged such to stay on promising that, president Biya and the state machinery remains resolute  to ensure that the situation returns to normal.

Celebrations in Yaounde  rumbled off amid  a heavy down pour. Some institutions and workers marched already soaked. The minister and trade union representatives delivered their speeches under heavy rains.

This 133rd edition of the international Labour Day is celebrated under the theme “Uniting workers for social and economic advancement”.  Cameroon has been a member of the International Labour Organisation for 52 years.




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