Now Is The Time To Surrender, Administrator Tells Ambazonia Fighters

Kumba (National Times)-The Senior Divisional Officer  (SDO) for Meme Division, South West region of Cameroon, Charmberlin Ntou’ou Ndong says the moment is now for separatists’  fighters to surrender their quest for  ‘Ambazonia’, return to the fatherland and live normal lives.

Ndou’ou Ndong made the declaration Wednesday May 1st shortly after presiding over commemoration marking the 133rd edition of the International Labour Day at the Kumba city grandstand.

In a chat with reporters, the administrator urged the separatists’ gunmen to return home. “ Let me also add that, it is time for them to surrender… to surrender, the state  is available to work with them… we know that they are Cameroonians  and they have made mistakes  and it is time for them to come back and join their normal activities. The head of state instructed us to follow this particular instruction”. The administrator stated.

The prefect disclosed that, last week, he received some of the separatists’ fighters from Mbonge Sub Division. “Let me  share  it with you… last week I received some of them coming from Mbonge sub Division… who surrendered. They came and said Mr. SDO we are tired , we cannot continue to fight…. It is time for us.. they said if the state can help us , I said no problem” The  administrator  revealed.

In reaction to the labour day celebrations, the administrator said he was happy that people ignored the separatists’ threats to commemorate the day. He questioned how separatists’ can be claiming to desire support and at the same time hinder the people from working.

To the workers, Ntou’ou Ndong said the state is aware of the difficult security atmosphere. He averred that, security forces will continue to ensure the security of persons  and property while ensuring a return to normalcy.

The march pass at the Kumba ceremonial ground lasted less than five minutes. Only staff from a few councils took part in the exercise. Some of the council staff were awarded labour medals.

Wednesday’s commemoration went underway amid a city in a third consecutive day of separatists-imposed civil disobedience.


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