‘Red Dragons’ Feared Demanding FCFA 10 Million Ransom For Children Kidnapped In West Region

Dschang (National Times)-Separatists’ armed militia ‘Red dragon’ suspected to  have staged the abduction of 6 children in the locality of Fongo Tongo , Menoua Division, West Region of Cameroon are feared to be demanding a ransom of FCFA 10million in exchange for their release The National Times has learnt.

Early this week, the children comprising 5 males and one female went missing under blur circumstances. Unconfirmed reports hold that, the children went missing from the farm. Relatives have since remained edgy. Other reports said the kids were relaxed around the vicinity when their abductors struck.

Negotiations are said to have went underway with the kidnappers. Things reportedly went sour after the kidnappers demanded FCFA 10milion in exchange of the kids’ release. Some families are said to have been taken aback by the amount. Sources say the children are within the age range of between 11 and 19 years.

In the meantime, administrative authorities in the area are said to have opened investigations into the matter. Security forces are also said to have engaged moves to rescue the kids.

Accusing fingers are pointing at the separatists’ ‘red dragons’ operating in Lebialem Division, South West Region of Cameroon. The group has equally been blamed for several separatists’ incursions into the locality of Fongo Tongo since the crisis went deadly.

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