Gunmen Strike Buea As Controversial Lockdown Enters Second Week

Buea (National Times)-At least two taxis have gone up in flames in Buea , South West Region of Cameroon triggering sporadic gunshots  as security forces battle to restore order in the evening hours of Sunday April 7th.

Gunmen suspected to be separatists’ fighters are feared to be at the origin of the attacks as their controversial 10 days lockdown enters a second week.

The arson on the taxis is reported to have happened between Molyko and Sant Babara axis.  Gunmen are reported to have surfaced on the road from unknown directions setting fire on the vehicles.

These developments happened within the last one hour. Security moves have been triggered to combat such incursions believed to be from separatists.

It comes after security raids on some neighbourhoods in Buea between Saturday and Sunday. Some youngsters were taken for questioning before regaining their freedom. There was also a search in some homes.

A lady told The National Times in the afternoon hours of Sunday that “my brother was taken today by the military but later released after they finished their exercise”.

As at the time we were processing this piece, the same source was equally confirming the hostile developments in Molyko. Some business places had equally shutdown following the arson on the taxis.

This Sunday marks the fourth of 10 lockdown days’ separatists’ have imposed on Fako Division. Such is in a bit to frustrate the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC). Yet the event kick started on Saturday void of any disturbance. Life has remained normal in the neighbouring city of Limbe while Buea remains battling to survive the lockdown.

Mayor Ekema Patrick of Buea had  issued a release last week dissuading the population to ignore the separatists’ calls for ghost towns. He has promised 30 days seal on businesses that fail to open within the period of the separatists’ lockdown.

On Friday, April 5th, gunmen killed a woman on her way to church for early morning prayers in the same Molyko. Since then, most city dwellers have remained indoors.


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